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The 7 Best Rooms in Nashville

We've played the highest rated rooms in the Nashville area, and in this video we rank the top 7 escape rooms in the Nashville area. We also include rooms from Murfreesboro and Franklin. Here's the video.

Nashville is an awesome city. We spent an evening downtown, and the food, music and other nightlife offerings are awesome. I didn't realize Nashville was such a big city with so much to offer, and it's a great destination for escape rooms.

Ruins and almost all of the other rooms at The Escape Game are great, but even without the The Escape Game, there are more great rooms in Nashville than most cities. We also had a blast touring The Adventure Factory at The Escape Game. It's their warehouse where they design/build their rooms and send them off to their locations around the country. Stay tuned for an article I'm writing specifically about The Escape Game.

Mike's Top 7:

Billy's Top 7:

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