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Review: 60 Minute Escape Games Murfreesboro

The rooms at 60 Minute Escape Games are as good as any rooms I've every played. The design is beautiful and immersive. They are intentional about stimulating all five senses including smells. Their generation two locks were clever, and even though a few of them didn't work perfectly on the first try, they were incredibly fun to unlock. The props and design are incredibly impressive, and the multilevel design allows them to make huge rooms without using a lot of square footage. Their hints are clear and helpful, and the game masters obviously love their rooms.

When we arrived at 60 Minute Escape Games, I parked in a spot right by the front door that had a sign with their logo on it, but Billy pointed out to me that the sign said the space was reserved for the owner of 60 Minute Escape Games and threatened to tow anyone else who parks there. When we went inside, Billy asked to use the restroom, but they wouldn't allow him to use the restroom until after he signed a waver. We all like to use the restroom before we play a room, so we started walking back toward the restroom, but the host told us they only allow two people in the restroom at a time. When we entered the incredibly impressive rooms, we started looking at the details as the game master gave us instructions, but the game master told us to look at him while he tells us the room. Unfortunately, it felt like the owners of 60 Minute Escape Games care more about their rooms and their rules than their guests.


Mike’s Difficulty Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Their Difficulty Rating: 3 (out of 5)

Frankenstein is incredibly well designed. I've never seen a room that uses lights as well as this room. They used LED lights to point us in the right direction, provide light to see props and puzzles when necessary, and make successes more obvious, but when we walked in the room, most of those lights were off. That made the room more immersive, and the lights came on as the story and progress called or them.

The final Frankenstein prop was beautiful, huge, and scary. Their use of electricity and sound to make it feel like the monster was coming to life made the moment incredibly immersive. The room was very large, and exploring it was a lot of fun.

Pharaoh's Chamber

Mike’s Difficulty Rating: 3 (out of 5)

Their Difficulty Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Exploring Pharaoh's giant chamber was incredibly fun. The room was meticulously designed, and the puzzles were exciting. The teamwork required to complete the puzzles made them that much more fun and memorable. The physical challenges and generation two locks made me feel like Indiana Jones exploring an Egyptian temple, and the finale was exciting and climactic. The timing of the lighting changes made it feel like rooms transformed as we completed puzzles.

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