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Review: Extreme Escape Games Franklin

Extreme Escape Games in Franklin, Tennessee has the best team-building escape rooms I've ever played. Their rooms require more teamwork than most rooms, and their experience debriefs are by far the best I've ever seen. At most locations, the end of the room is the end of the experience. That is definitely not the case at Extreme Escape Games. They spend 10 or 15 minutes after the way in a debrief theater where they remind the team of funny things that were said in the room, give feedback about strategy and performance, and much more. They even have a party rooms that can be used for corporate gathers or other parties.

In addition, their rooms and puzzles are very well designed. The owners of Extreme Escape Games have a tremendous amount of experience in building immersive environments because they build haunted houses. Their rooms have elements that I haven't seen in other rooms, and I assume that's because they brought those elements from the world of haunted houses.

The Grand Illusion

Mike’s Difficulty Rating: 2 (out of 5)

Their Difficulty Rating: 38% Escape Rate

The Grand Illusion is a beautiful room with four areas that get increasingly impressive as you discover them. The room requires teams to spread out but continue to work together. It's a bright room with a beautiful design. The laser room is incredibly impressive, unique, and fun. Very few rooms are cool enough to remove me from my competitive, rushing mode long enough to just sit back and enjoy the room's design. The laser room accomplished that. The stage area is beautiful, and the transition from the stage room to the laser room is very fun. The story of the room is not impressive or memorable, but that is because the designers chose to focus on the puzzles and the design. I loved that the game host stayed in the room stayed in the room with us, added surprise immersive elements along the way, gave hints, and took notes about our experience. I highly recommend this room, and I wish we had time to play their Quarantine room while we were there.

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