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My name is Mike Wilson (left in picture). I am an escape room fanatic. I primarily do rooms with my older (much older) brother Billy (right in picture). We've done over 100 escape rooms, and our only qualification to write an escape room blog is the fact that we absolutely love escape rooms.

We write a post about most of the escape room locations that we visit, some of the tips and tricks we learn along the way, and our opinions on what makes good escape rooms good.

We are both pastors with doctorate degrees from Portland Seminary. Billy lives in Dallas, Texas, and I live in Gillette, Wyoming. He is married to Kim and has four kids and four grandkids. Like I said, he's old. My wife is Darci, and we have two sons. Lincoln is five, and Titus is two. We often play rooms with other members of our family. Mike has a twin brother named Steve, and we have two sisters named Jeanna and Rebekah.



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