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Review: Trapped! Las Vegas

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Last week my wife (Darci) and I completed two rooms at Trapped! in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were some of the best rooms I’ve ever done! The staff was incredible. The location was clean and spacious, and the immersive themes were as good as any rooms I’ve ever seen.

Trapped! is more about entertainment than competition. Some designers and game masters are more like rule makers and referees. They want to make sure that you win legitimately, and that is good to some extent, but Trapped! goes in the opposite direction. They are all about fun. They will give you as many hints as you want, and they’ll do it in character.

Each room has 2 or 3 spaces (rooms within the room) that you will need to escape to get out.

Here’s a description of the two rooms we did without spoilers:

One Eyed Jack

Mike’s Difficulty Rating: 2 (out of 5)

You start this room locked in a jail cell in One-Eyed Jack’s cabin, and for me, the escape from the cell was the highlight of the room. The environment, decor, and immersion were incredible. I got chills multiple times, and that rarely happens to me. It was very dark in the room, and although that’s not usually something I like in a room, they really used the darkness in clever ways. It’s not the most technological room I’ve ever done, but the electronic locks (generation 2) were well disguised to appear to simply be part of the decor. At least on person will have to crawl a very short distance. We completed this room with 6 minutes left on the one hour clock, and we used two hints.

Operation X-13

Mike’s Difficulty Rating: 2 (out of 5)

One aspect of this room stands out as incredibly fun: live actors throughout! In fact, because there is so much interaction with live actors, they can adjust the scenario based on how quickly you’re moving through the room. And the actors were really good. Because I’m intense, I never laugh in rooms, but multiple times they had me laughing out loud. You’ll start with a simple costume, a walkietalkie with an ear piece to talk to the actor who’s on your team, and some props for later use. You’ll run back and forth between the areas, and you’ll need to be good at keeping your clues/puzzles organized.

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