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Review: Hourglass Escapes Seattle

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Our friends at Hourglass gave us a discount code that we can share with you!

Discount Code: HERO10

Hourglass Escapes Seattle is a small escape room in downtown Seattle. It's only a half of a mile from the Seattle Space Needle and one mile from Pike Place Market and the original Starbucks. Even though the location is downtown Seattle, we were able to find free parking right down the street. It's quite small, and the lobby is more like a hallway. The hosts are hospitable and clear, but they leave th immersion and acting to videos.

Like most of the rooms in the Seattle area, Hourglass Escapes prioritizes enjoyment over competition. I love that. They will help you complete a room with clear and plentiful hints. They give plenty of clues to help you connect puzzles to the locks they open. They don't add red herrings, and in the dark rooms, they provide plenty of flashlights/torches.

Evil Dead 2

Mike’s Difficulty Rating: 2 (out of 5)

Their Difficulty Rating: Not Listed

The most well-known room at Hourglass Escapes is the Evil Dead 2 room. It is one of the few rooms that are officially licensed by a movie, and it is obvious why the Evil Dead franchise trusted Hourglass enough to put their name on this room. I have never played a room with better production quality than the Evil Dead 2 room. Players do not need to see Evil Dead 2 before playing the room, but watching the movie first might make the experience more enjoyable.

The locks and puzzles were very well integrated into the design of the room. With primarily generation two locks, they are able to create the feeling that you are interacting with a spiritual world.

The room is very nonlinear. It can be completed by two experienced players, but the room would work well with four people because there are almost always multiple puzzles that a team can work on at any time. That allows the team to divide and conquer.

Overall, this room is just a lot of fun. We laughed. We were scared. We enjoyed the puzzles, and the climactic ending left us with a memorable celebration moment.

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