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Review: Escapade Sheridan

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I visited Escapade in Sheridan, Wyoming with some of my staff, and although most of them had never done a room before, we completed the room fairly easily.

This location was in the basement of a small office building, and there were only two rooms. We only did one of them, but I peaked in the second. Both rooms were very strangely laid out. Normally I wouldn't recommend this room, but it's the only option in Sheridan. So if you're in Sheridan, Escapade is worth the visit.

The Curse of Cleopatra

Mike's Difficulty Rating: 1 (out of 5)

This wasn't an incredibly impressive room, but for such a small town, I was slightly impressed. Most of the puzzles were generation one (traditional) locks, but there were some generation two (electronic) locks. It's obvious that the game creator could not afford to do modifications to the walls/doors to improve the flow of the rooms. You actually have to go back into the lobby to get from one space in the room to the second space. The key to this room is connecting solutions to the many generation one locks. Unfortunately, that will require some trial and error.

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