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Denver Room Crawl

Denver, here we come! Later this month, Billy, Steve, Caleb, Mark, and I are going to Denver, Colorado. We have already booked thirteen rooms in an attempt to find the best escape rooms in the Denver area. We've read a lot of reviews and talked to a lot of enthusiasts who are passionate about some of the rooms in Denver, and multiple rooms in the area have won some of the industries most prestigious awards. It's also a birthday trip as March 30 is my and my twin brother Steve's birthday.

Here's our lineup so far:

March 29

  • Conundrum Arvada

1. Path of Gods

2. Experiment C73

  • The Puzzle Effect

3. The Path

  • 303 Escape

4. Room 303

March 30

  • Escape The Room

5. The Jurassic Escape

6. Cartman's Escape Room

  • Mystic Escape Room

7. The Amulet of Time

8. The Book of Souls

March 31

  • Rabbit Hole

9. Frost Base Z

10. Mystic Temple

11. Paradox

  • Epic Escape Room

12. Wizard's Academy

  • Conundrum Lakewood

13. Submersion

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